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Pre-training formulation, protein isolate & plant-based

Ignite your fitness routine with our dynamic pre-training formulation and nourish your body with our own custom formulation of plant-based and isolated proteins designed for optimal digestion, performance, and recovery.

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Intra-Workout (EAA’s)

Elevate your endurance and fuel your muscles during training sessions with our premium intra-workout supplement packed with essential amino acids and electrolytes. 

Why do we choose EAAs over BCAAs? They represent a more complete grouping of necessary amino acids, and we blend them with the electrolytes to help stabilize fluid balance and help you maintain your energy during training.

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Fortify your daily routine with our comprehensive high-potency multivitamin blend. Begin your daily rituals by ensuring your body receives the essential nutrients it needs for overall well-being. More than 90% of the multivitamins on the market today are a waste of money and not worth taking, but one of the best investments you can make into your health is a high-quality multivitamin. 

The nutrients in our multivitamins are identical to those found in food, so the body recognizes them and knows exactly what to do with them. Your body is getting what you are paying for.

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Cognitive Function

Tap into your essential wisdom by supplementing our all-natural custom formulation of lion’s mane, alpha GPC, ashwagandha, guarana, and other vital nutrients that improve cognition, reduce inflammation, and increase the release of nerve growth factor. This superblend will increase your ability to focus, deliver the mental energy you need to bring your brightest mind, and allow an assiduous work ethic minus the crash or jitters. 

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Our Best Sellers

Check out some Pothos favorites that our community can't get enough of. From powerful pre-workout blends to enriching protein shakes, these bestsellers embody the essence of our commitment to excellent and effective results.

Who We Are

Born from passion, ambition, and the belief that every individual has the power to conquer their Goliath. Inspired by the Greek term "Pothos," signifying an intense desire for the unattainable, we stand as a supplement line and lifestyle brand dedicated to cultivating
a community of heroes.

Exceptional Quality

Our supplements are crafted experiences designed to redefine your fitness and wellness lifestyle. All of our products are manufactured in an FDA and CPSC-certified facility and contain only what is shown on the label. We believe in integrity and transparency when it comes to the human body.

Clean Label, Minimal ingredients

Our supplements boast a clean label with a minimalist approach, featuring only essential, high-quality ingredients. Free from unnecessary additives, we prioritize transparency and simplicity for a pure and effective nutritional boost.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Discover the Pothos difference and join our community of satisfied clients on the path to greatness.

"Genesis gave me a really
good pump! Good taste. Easy to drink. Good stuff. I’m a big fan."


"Genesis pre workout is amazing, I have been using it for the past week
and it has taken my workout to the next level."


"With Genesis I have more
energy for a better workout!"